ON TRACK with David Scoggan

All month long, our racing guru David Scoggan is blogging LIVE from the track! Check back here regularly for a dose of Dave’s wit and whimsy.


ON TRACK – 8.20.20

Hello….and Goodbye


ON TRACK – 9.9.19

Countdown to a Championship


ON TRACK – 9.3.19

Random Thoughts from a Most Unusual “Big Go”


ON TRACK – 8.31.19

First Day of Pro Qualifying


ON TRACK – 8.27.19

The Racing Skillmans


ON TRACK – 8.26.19

The Most Disrespected Form of Auto Racing


ON TRACK – 8.23.19

Inside the Numbers


ON TRACK – 8.22.19

The Test That Wasn’t


ON TRACK – 8.21.19

Images from Wednesday


ON TRACK – 8.20.19

Fast Females


ON TRACK – 8.17.19

Pro Mod Polemics and Politics


ON TRACK – 8.16.19

Dining with Big Daddy


ON TRACK – 8.14.19

RIP, Mongoose

The Hulk, Hight, and the Forbidden Outer Limits


ON TRACK – 8.13.19

The Six Days of Indy


ON TRACK – 8.13.19

The 1969 Nationals


ON TRACK – 8.12.19

Year of the Capps?

King of The ‘Burg


ON TRACK – 8.9.19

A Tantalizing Top Fuel Menu


ON TRACK – 8.8.19

John Force, An Indy Retrospective 1979-2019


ON TRACK – 5.26.19

A Beautiful Day After

The US Nationals


ON TRACK – 5.26.19

The Last Cummins Diesel

Porsche at Indy

Images from Race Day

The Month of Simon


Predictions In Advance of the Next Shower

Carb Day Weather Woes

Breaking News

The Robin Miller Award

Carb Day Underway


Odd Thoughts on a “Dark” Monday


ON TRACK – 5.10.19

INDYCAR Grand Prix Recap


ON TRACK – 5.10.19

Indy GP Qualifying Report


ON TRACK – 5.7.19

Comfortably Numb


ON TRACK – 5.25.18

Carb Day

ON TRACK – 5.21.18

Ultimate Crap Shoot

Answering the Call

ON TRACK – 5.20.18

Nobody’s Fault But Mine

ON TRACK – 5.19.18

Rain Delay

Iffy Weather

ON TRACK – 5.18.18

Pace Car Injustice


ON TRACK – 5.17.18

Longing For The “Fred Effect”


ON TRACK – 5.16.18

First Official Practice Period

ON TRACK – 5.15.18

To 33 or Not To 33


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