ON TRACK with David Scoggan – “Longing for the ‘Fred Effect’”

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With rumors resurfacing about Team McLaren’s possible return to Indycar as a full-time 2019 participant, my thoughts wander back to last May and Fernando Alonso’s overall impact on the proceedings.

While the mainstream media continues to fawn over Danica, her swan song appearance at Indy doesn’t have a shred of the genuine buzz that Alonso and McLaren’s surprise venture in the 2017 Indy 500 generated.

The Alonso Invasion had international intrigue, the “how-will-he-adapt-to-America” angle, Lewis Hamilton sniping at Indycar’s perceived lack of talent, then Alonso’s on-track progress, his humble nature and friendliness (and skateboard!), and a seeming total embrace of the Indy 500 and American culture. When he opened and drank from a small carton of milk during his post-race press conference, Fernando had entirely won the hearts of even the hardest Indy denizens.
In short, the “Danica Farewell” is a nice story, but damn, do I miss Fred!!


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