Sanders campaign hopes phone calls will translate to votes

By Adrianna Pitrelli 

INDIANAPOLIS — Bernie Sanders supporters are making thousands of phone calls in an effort to make a difference in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“I’m calling because it is more important than ever to earn your support for Sen. Sanders, an honest leader with a proven record of standing up for families that work,” said Norm Campbell each time he started a phone conversation.

The volunteers are calling fellow Hoosiers, reminding them of the May 3 primary and asking if they can count on their support of Sanders. Each volunteer had a different approach they took when contacting people, but all wanted to ensure they were not sounding scripted or too pushy.

Campbell is a phone banking veteran. Campbell previously volunteered for President Obama’s 2012 election, as well as Mayor Hogsett’s campaign last spring.

“I like to be involved in the political process,” said Campbell. “We need more participation in the system.”

And that’s exactly why Brad Knapp hosted the phone bank party with Campbell and others Wednesday night. This was Knapp’s fifth Bernie Sanders phone bank party at his home. Knapp decided to hold Sanders phone bank parties in his own home after attending previous phone banking event in order to host a fun and important way to help elect Sanders.

Udo Schneider started participating in phone banks for Sanders about a month ago. He wanted to get involved because he “doesn’t think voting comes natural to young people.” To get people more interested in the phone call process, he compares it to donating a dollar to a charity.

“If you donate a dollar, it’s not the money. It’s that you have that memory that you donated a dollar so you feel like you have some type of ownership in the campaign,” Schneider said.

Knapp plans to hold phone bank parties at his home every Wednesday from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. until the California primary on June 7. In every state except for New York when the state campaign volunteers meet their phone banking goal, Sanders has won.

“When we didn’t meet our goal for phone banking, Bernie lost,” said Knapp.

Anyone interested in volunteering with the Sanders campaign are encouraged to visit to find an activity nearby.

Adrianna Pitrelli is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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