Avoiding tax prep errors

By Gary Qi

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Department of Revenue is warning Hoosier taxpayers about typical errors that can happen while paying taxes.

“The most common mistakes we see when taxpayers file their individual income tax returns are math errors,” said Amanda Stanley, director of public relations for the department.

Stanley said filling out tax forms online helps people avoid mathematic mistakes.

“If you file electronically, we see that error less, because the tax software will do the math for you,” said Stanley.

Stanley said sometimes taxpayers claim credit or deductions that they might not be eligible to receive, because they misunderstand the eligibility requirements.

“The e-filing software can help prevent that issue as well,” said Stanley, “because the software will ask the taxpayer questions that tells them which credits and deductions they are eligible to claim.”

Taxpayers, who owe money, can pay online through the Indiana Department of Revenue’s secure ePay site or call 317-232-2165. The department of revenue said taxpayers should try to pay as much of their taxes as they can by the April 18 filing deadline, in order to receive a lesser penalty.

Anyone who owes more than $100 and provides a 20 percent down payment will qualify for a payment plan.

Taxpayers, who are owed a refund, can file tax return electronically to receive their refund faster. E-filed returns are processed and refunds issued in 12-14 days, while paper-filed returns are processed and refunds issued in about 12 weeks.

Taxpayers can check the status of a refund by calling by phone or online. Your Social Security number, the exact amount of the refund and the tax year of the refund will be required.

To check the status of a refund go to https://secure.in.gov/apps/dor/tax/refund/ or call 317-233-4018.

Gary Qi is a reporter for TheStatehouseFile.com, a news site powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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